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At Tom Henry Racing, if we're not building a complete THR Camaro for one of our customers, we're either servicing Camaros, modifying Camaros, customizing Camaros, tuning Camaros or testing Camaros.

THR is fortunate to be associated with one of the most customer-driven Chevrolet dealers in the Northeast, Tom Henry Chevrolet. Because of this association, we can leverage the depth of skill and experience of the Parts, Service and Body Shop Departments at Tom Henry Chevy. We can provide THR customers the level of support they expect for their Camaros, Corvettes and other performance-oriented Chevrolets which is unmatched by smaller, independant "tuning shops."

Our boss, Tom Henry, is a long-time Camaro enthusiast and all-around gearhead who takes pride in his personal approach to providing the most unique personalization, customizing and performance enhancing services available to Camaro owners.

Whether you own one of our distinctive Tom Henry Racing Camaros, a stock Camaro or Corvette which you want modified or one of the previous THR products, the Tom Henry SS Camaro or the THR Supercharged SIlverado, at THR we want to get you the performance you need.

We turned our Webmaster loose in the THR Service and Bodywork areas to give you a taste of what goes on every day at Tom Henry Racing.

Tom Henry Racing Technician Tim McQuillan starts his morning installing one of the highly regarded, MGW Short Throw Shifters in a Tom Henry Racing Camaro. An option on all THRC's, the MGW shortens shift throw, eliminates the rubbery feel of the stock shifter and corrects the insufficient spring return pressure which causes missed, 2-3 upshifts. Image: THR


 When McQuillan replaces the OE shifter with an MGW, a THR Camaro's owner gets an optimal combination of shift effort, speed, and smoothness with a 33% shorter shift throw. The MGW is a replacement, not simply a center shaft change. It has an integral spring return to the 3-4 gate to assist in fast 2-3 upshifts and smooth 5-4 downshifts. To eliminate deflection, It uses polyurethane mount bushings. All components are CNC machined. Image: THR.


Materials used in making the MGW Shifter are either hard-anodized aluminum or aircraft-grade stainless steel. This shifter accepts the stock shifter knob as well as MGW   knobs which are available separately. Image: MGW.


Tim McQuillan is an experienced THR Camaro tech so it takes him less than an hour to pull the old shifter, install the new and reassemble parts removed to facilitate the installation.


Even though Tim can get a MGW Shifter in a fifth-gen in short order, you don't have to worry about haste making waste. McQuillan is a careful installer who realizes he's working on someone's pride-and-joy. Image: THR


MGW Shifters can be fitted with the stock Camaro shift knob or one of several, optional shift knobs made by MGW, such as this classic "Retro" knob. Image: THR.


Over in the Body Shop, Bob Scott is installing a THR Blade Spoiler on a customer's Camaro. To get the wiring for the spoiler's center-high-mount-stoplight installed requires drilling an additional hole, and to do that on a car already painted, requires care and skill only an experienced bodywork technician has.
Image: THR.

Once the hole is drilled, Bob can feed the wiring harness into the deck lid. The Blade Spoiler comes with an integral CHMSL because the line-of-sight to the OE third light is obstructed by the new spoiler's height. Image: THR.


To set the spoiler in place without scratching or marring the car's finish always takes two people. With all the Body Shop's other techs busy on other Camaros, Manager, Rick Ganter, steps in to lend a hand. Image: THR.


Bob runs all the retaining nuts down very carefully, then routes the wiring harness. Image: THR.


Any marks outlining the position of the original deck lid spoiler which are left exposed by the new part are carefully removed. Image: THR.


Back in Tim McQuillan's service stall, he's got a different THR Camaro on the rack for installation of a set of Pedders stabilizer bars. The installation begins with the rear bar. Image: THR.


The Pedders rear stabilizer is easy to install once the rear wheels are removed. The bar links use polyurethane cushions. Image: THR.


One of the advantages of having a Pedders dealer, like Tom Henry Racing, install a set of stabilizer bars is experienceľlike knowing that for the rear bar to install easily, the links must be tightened with the suspension compressed. Image: THR.


The Pedders rear bar installation complete and ready for the rear wheels to be reinstalled.  Image: THR.


The front bar in the Pedders kit is a little more difficult to install. In fact, a DIY may think parts of the front suspension have to be disassembled or removed, but an experienced installer knows that's not necessary, in spite of how difficult the job may look. Image: THR.


The Pedders front stabilizer is an adjustable bar having three positions for the end links. Image: THR.


THR makes the initial installation with the front bar adjusted to its least aggressive level of roll stiffness. Image: THR.


 It was back over to the body shop to watch Bob Scott mask and stripe a Tom Henry Racing Camaro. At THR, with hood stripes, there are no stickers or wraps. All hood stripes are painted on. Image: THR.


This first step is to establish the hood centerline. Image: THR

Then, Bob masks off areas not to be painted. Image: THR.


All stripe work requires significant automotive painting skill and experience, but the most difficult part is masking what will be the front corners of the stripes to make sure the curves at the edges of both stripes will look the same. Image: THR.


Masking complete, the car is moved into the spray booth to shot with black paint. Image: THR


In the Service Department, a third THR Camaro is in for further modification work, in this case the installation of a THR Supercharger System. THR head, Tom Henry, looks in on the supercharger installation. Henry takes a personal interest in each Tom Henry Racing Camaro his facility completes. In many cases, he personally handles the sale of the car and consults with the owner on its modification package. Image: THR.



Lifting the blower assembly into place is a two-man job handled by Tim McQuillan and Tony Uzmack Image: THR.


 Installing a supercharger on a THR Camaro takes about half a day, including the chassis dyno session required for tuning. Image: THR


One nice thing about the THR Supercharger is it comes as a packageľall the parts have been developed and tested together, including a set of replacement injectors in fuel rails specific to the supercharger kit. Here McQillan installs a new set of injectors on the left bank. Image: THR.


The Supercharger uses the OE throttle located close to the OE position so no wiring harness changes or modifications to the air filter assembly are necessary. Image: THR.

The THR  blower has a charge air cooler which mounts in front of the core support and has its own coolant pump, plumbing and reservoir. Image: THR.


The only place a hole is drilled is at the lower right of the core support for the charge air coolant hoses. Image: THR.


The THR supercharger package combined with Tom Henry Racing's careful installation makes the whole thing look like it was put on at the factory. Image: THR.

Perhaps the most touchy part of the installation is reinstalling the front fascia in a manner which prevents any damage to its finish. Again, the careful work of Tom Henry Racing's tech, Tim McQuillan avoids any problems. Image: THR.


All THR Supercharger installations are finished off with a Green Filter. The Green design is the best of the high-performance, oiled cotton filter elements. Image: THR.


With this Tom Henry Racing Supercharger package, the owner specified reuse of the stock air box, however, aftermarket air filter assemblies are also available. Image: THR.


The completed Supercharger on the engine of the Synergy Green, Tom Henry Racing Camaro. Image: THR.


After a short and easy test drive to validate the basic operation of  the supercharger system, it was off to the chassis dyno for tuning.




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